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Dry Eye Analyzer
Tear Meniscus Height


TMH from Dry Eye Analyzer

Quantitative assessment of the tear meniscus offers the most direct method to evaluate tear volume. In dry eye patients, the tear meniscus height (TMH) typically measures less than 0.2 mm.

Exam Procedure:

  1. Install Lens A or B.

  2. Adjust the camera to position the tear meniscus in the frame and focus. 

  3. Capture the image and zoom in with the mouse to manually measure TMH at up to five points. The software then calculates the average and displays the grade using color coding.


To prevent artificially high readings from reflex tearing, TMH measurement should be the initial test conducted during the exam.


TMH for Dry Eye Analyzer

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Elevate patient care with the Dry Eye Analyzer, designed for comprehensive evaluations including meibography, blepharitis/eyelid margin, tear meniscus height, break up timeinterferometry, redness/anterior seg, and fluorescein staining. Implement this advanced tool in your practice to improve diagnosis and management of dry eye conditions.

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