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Medical Equipment for Eye Care 


Since pioneering our comprehensive approach to eye care, Dry Eye Guys has been dedicated to training eye doctors worldwide on the implementation of holistic treatments. Our emphasis has consistently been on addressing dry eye, inflammation, and related conditions, ensuring patients benefit from innovative and integrated care solutions.

Medical device training
Dry Eye Analyzer


The Dry Eye Analyzer seamlessly integrates functionalities like detailed exam histories, exam protocols, and a comprehensive assessment suite including a dry eye questionnaire, NIBUT evaluation, tear meniscus height measurement, interferometry, meibography, blepharitis detection, redness evaluation, fluorescein staining, and detailed report generation; reports enhance patient-practitioner communication and serve as invaluable educational tools. By evaluating key parameters, it ensures treatments are uniquely tailored to individual needs.


Embrace the synergy of IPL, MiBoFlo, and LLLT: a trio designed to revolutionize eye care. While IPL operates in-depth, ensuring lasting wellness, MiBoFlo and LLLT bring the immediate solace every patient desires, melting away glandular barriers and enveloping eyes in soothing relief.

IPL dry eye & esthetic medical device


Targets and reduces the root causes of inflammation. IPL ensures enhanced eye wellness.

MiBo MGD & dry eye treatment


Melts away gland obstructions, fostering healthy tear production and providing immediate relief.

LLLT for Dry Eye & Inflammation


Provides a spa-inspired approach to eye care with gentle light to stimulate cellular rejuvenation and promote healing.

Dry Eye Spa

We pioneered the Dry Eye Spa | Dry Eye Med Spa, where the fusion of medicine, soothing eye and calming facial spa therapies, rejuvenation, and a holistic approach ignites an extraordinary experience, filling the heart with renewed comfort from chronic dry eye and infusing the spirit with revitalization.

dry eye spa
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