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Hands on
Dry Eye Course 

The Dry Eye Guys pride ourselves on our holistic expertise in addressing dry eye conditions. Our dedication to elevating the field is evident in our exclusive Dry Eye Course – a specialized session where we engage with a select group of doctors, imparting cutting-edge knowledge and techniques. These sessions, which are sought after and attended for a premium, showcase our collaboration with esteemed Optometry board members and our partnerships with renowned doctors who have successfully expanded and branched clinics.

The Hands-On Dry Eye Course offers a comprehensive and unique educational experience for doctors seeking to enhance their expertise in treating dry eye conditions. This course goes beyond traditional lectures by combining didactic learning with practical, hands-on training. It covers a wide array of advanced technologies, including IPL, Low-Level Light Therapy, MiBoFlo, iLux, Punctal Irrigation, blepharitis, demodex, and treatments for skin issues related to the adnexa of the eye. The course empowers doctors with the tools needed to provide effective patient care.


Our Hands-On-Dry Eye course stands out for its deeply collaborative approach, inviting participants into an interactive learning experience. Offering invaluable insights, this course provides a turnkey model, empowering professionals with comprehensive and ready-to-implement solutions for dry eye care

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