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Moisture Eyes

What are Moisture Eyes Heavenly Heat Pads®?

Indulge in a lavish home eye spa experience with the all-new Moisture Eyes Heavenly Heat Pads.


Our cutting-edge infrared technology and microwave clay beads work in harmony with in office treatments like MiBoFlo, LLLT, ThermaEye IPL to alleviate dryness, redness, and eye fatigue, while also aiding in the softening of blocked oil glands and reducing inflammation caused by hardened oils. The innovative combination of infrared and clay bead technologies as at-home maintenance in conjunction with in-office treatments ensures a rejuvenating experience.


Far Infrared Technology: These Heat Pads have received National Far-Infrared Certification, attesting to their positive impact on microcirculation around the eyes and skin.

Infrared Heat Mask Therapy for dry eye. I have puffy eyelids. My eyes are tired.
Infrared Heat Mask Therapy for dry eye. I have puffy eyelids. Tired eyes mask.

Our clay bead technology offers soothing, comfortable, and relaxing heat. Additionally, clay has been scientifically shown to possess antibacterial properties.


Experience relief from dryness and eye discomfort, leading to improved sleep quality, which is particularly beneficial for those who spend extended hours in front of computers.


The application of the hot compress delivers a comforting and tranquil effect, enhancing warm blood circulation around the eyes. This can lead to visible improvements such as reduced dark circles, diminished under-eye bags, relief from eye fatigue, and redness.

Clay Bead Heat Mask for dry eye
Clay Bead Dry Eye Therapy Mask

Crafted from premium materials, these pads are made of 100% soft silky cotton, ensuring a non-irritating and comfortable experience.


For your convenience, the pads are washable, and the infrared heat element can be easily removed through a user-friendly zipper access.

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