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Remarkable Optical Quality, Precise Mechanics and Elegant Design.


Versatile, High-Resolution, Comfort, and Style.

Five-step magnification changer for top-notch optical performance; convergent binocular eyepieces for comfortable, fatigue-free use; apochromatic optical system to reduces chromatic aberrations and provide a broad, high-resolution view with excellent depth; durable LED illumination for bright, even light, surpassing traditional halogen lamps. 

The microscope is crafted for easy, precise adjustments and smooth focusing. Combining functionality with style, it showcases an elegant silver design and superb metal finish, enhancing your practice's aesthetic. 

Slit Lamp

SL-M6: Five magnifications with LED illumination system; heat-absorbing, grey, red-free, and cobalt blue filters.

Slit Lamp


Digital Camera Unit

A versatile digital camera unit compatible with most slit lamps, offering high-resolution imaging without backlight. Features a wireless shutter for seamless operation and enables image and video transfer to PC or mobile devices via USB or wirelessly.

Dry Eye Analyzer

An innovative Dry Eye Analyzer for comprehensive diagnosis, easily mountable on slit lamps. Comes with software for patient data analysis and management.


Learn about the classy slit lamp with remarkable optical quality, precise mechanics and elegant design.

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