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Dry Eye Analyzer
Fluorescein Staining


Dry Eye Analyzer Fluorescein staining

Corneal staining is used to evaluate areas of damage on the ocular surface. Typically, more superficial punctate keratitis and confluent patches of fluorescein staining are seen w/severe dry eye.

Exam Procedure:

  1. Install Lens D.

  2. Add fluorescein dye to the patient's eye. 

  3. Quickly capture the image and click analyze to compare images to software references.

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Elevate patient care with the Dry Eye Analyzer, designed for comprehensive evaluations including meibography, blepharitis/eyelid margin, tear meniscus height, break up timeinterferometry, redness/anterior seg, and fluorescein staining. Implement this advanced tool in your practice to improve diagnosis and management of dry eye conditions.

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