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We are a sales and consulting company rooted in the Bay Area. Our team provides a comprehensive suite of services to help your clinic grow and cater to dry eye and esthetics. This includes meticulous equipment installations, ongoing staff education, and impactful communication strategies for patient interactions at every stage of treatment.


Dry Eye Guys has a rich history of advancing ophthalmic care across the globe. From Latin America to Europe and the Middle East, we've played a pivotal role in equipping physicians with the latest in eye care technology. While our legacy is rooted in broader ophthalmic advancements, we have honed in on specialized eye care, emphasizing dry eye management. We're dedicated to supporting OD's and MD's in their mission to offer top-tier care and elevate patient care standards in dry eye, skin, and esthetics.


At our core, we are committed to advancing the field and supporting practitioners in their journey towards excellence.

Dry Eye Guys Customers


We're proud to say we've fostered relationships with Optometry board members and esteemed institutions such as Johns Hopkins University, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Shiley Eye Institute at UCSD, and more. These affiliations not only enhance our knowledge but also ground us in the latest innovations.

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Dry Eye Spa

We pioneered the Dry Eye Spa | Dry Eye Med Spa, where the fusion of medicine, soothing eye and calming facial spa therapies, rejuvenation, and a holistic approach ignites an extraordinary experience, filling the heart with renewed comfort from chronic dry eye and infusing the spirit with revitalization.

Dry Eye Spa
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